Website Design & CUSTOM APPLICATION Development



AJAX Development

Making webpages come alive

AJAX uses a group of technologies in combination including HTML and CSS for marking up and styling information, and JavaScript to exchange data asynchronously between your browser and server. Incorporating AJAX makes your webpages come alive without the need to constantly load and refresh static pages.

PHP programming

PHP application development

PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language that is mature, stable, fast and secure. Our solutions typically involve PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, and a few other technologies.

MySQL development

The world's most popular open source database

Many major companies use MySQL, including Google, Ebay, Amazon Yahooon,and more. We've been building MySQL applications for more than a decade. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs

Java development

The virtual machine

Java uses a virtual machine, allowing it to be run from a wide variety of software and hardware platforms. This allows a Java developer to write code that can be deployed and used on muiltiple platforms. If you need a custom application that can be used on the web or a desktop soution, please contact us to discuss your project.

We provide software development services for companies of any size. Our services include:

  •  Web Development
  •  iPad Development
  •  iPhone Development
  •  Mobile Applications
  •  Flash Application Development
  •  Flash Action Script Development
  •  Database Development
  •  MySQL Database Development
  •  PHP Application Development
  •  Browser Based Applications
  •  Game Programming
  •  Interactive Games
  •  Cartoons
  •  Screen Savers