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PDS eCMS Pro is simply the best Content Management System available. Based upon years of working with clients and understanding their need for control yet the need to preserve design and functional integrity, PDS eCMS Pro was born. Proudly built using the Concrete5 framework, we have bundled together great adddns alongside our own custom add-ons, and the result is our PDS eCMSpro product. Read through the feature list below and call us today to find out how our Content Management System can easily manage your company's website needs.

In-Context Editing

With PDS eCMS Pro, you can easily edit content using your web browser. Visit the page you want to change, click edit and make your changes. That’s all there is to it!



document-2.pngEdit and create your page content by using the built-in ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) editor. The editor supports paste from Word, rich text formatting, links, images and much more:

  • Point-and-click editing
  • Rich text formatting
  • Paste from Microsoft Word
  • Add lists and links
  • Upload, insert & resize images
  • Upload and insert document files
  • Change text colors
  • Change font size and family
  • Switch to full screen editing
  • Align and justify paragraphs
  • Complete undo/redo support
  • Advanced users can edit HTML


Each time you edit a page on your site a new version is saved. You can review all the past versions of any page on your site and roll back pages to past versions if you need to.

Custom Page Layouts

Use built in Page Layouts to create blog entries, full width pages, sidebar pages and more. No HTML required.


forms.png With PDS eCMS Pro you can quickly create web forms that allowyour visitors to communicate with you.  Responses from your visitors are stored on your site and can be automatically emailed to any email address or exported to Microsoft Excel. You can create simple “Contact Us” and lead generation forms or add any number of questions for lengthy registration forms or applications.


Publish surveys to get feedback from your visitors and display the results in real time using attractive chart graphics.

Calendars & Events

calendar.pngCreate calendars full of events and display them on your website. You can color code events, configure events to repeat and display everything in a calendar grid or agenda layout. Allow your visitors to be notified of new events via RSS and iCal feeds.

  • Create events that reoccur every day, week or month
  • Specify multiple dates for a single event
  • Create“All Day” Events
  • Duplicate Events
  • View your events as a Monthly Calendar, Mini-Calendar, Weekly Calendar or Agenda.
  • Make a list of past events available to your visitors
  • Designate specific site editors to manage your calendar
  • Displays iCal links on Calendars
  • Divide your events into any number of categories and create unlimited calendars for different departments, individuals, etc.
  • Choose one or more categories of events for each calendar to display
  • Color code your Events for easy browsing
  • Event pages include Twitter and Facebook share links with numerical counters
  • Street addresses can be added to event pages to create Google directions links
  • Add an email address to any event page to create a “contact” link
  • Calendars include “Next / Previous” page links
  • Specify blackout dates for reoccurring events


Dynamic Navigation Menus

The navigation menus on your site automatically adjust to display new pages as you add them and remove pages that you delete.

Drag and Drop Layout Customization

Change the placement of content on individual pages or throughout your entire website using the drag and drop layout editor. You can add a new element to the master layout so it appears on every page or customize individual pages with unique content placement.




PDS eCMS Pro is built with speed in mind and employs content caching and other best practices to insure that pages load as quickly as possible for your visitors.


Set Start & End Dates for Your Content

clock.png You can set start and end dates for each page on your site to automatically control when content becomes visible and when it is removed. This feature is perfect for time sensitive pages that need to go up or come down at specific dates and times.


Content Approval

If more than one person will be editing your website you can decide which users are able to “publish” edits to the world and which users are able to make changes that must first be approved before the public can see them.


Full User Registration

Your PDS eCMS Pro site can be designed to allow visitors to register accounts, maintain profiles and interact with one another. These features give you the power to create a community of users that will return to your site again and again.

Content for Members Only

You can restrict access to certain pages or sections of your site to visitors with registered accounts. This feature is great for business websites that need to include sections for employees or clients and organizations that would like to make certain information available only to their members.


comments.pngAllow your visitors to post comments on your content and get notified by email when new comments appear. Exercise complete control by approving comments before they appear to the public and requiring visitors to complete a security question before posting.



Your PDS eCMSpro software license is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product and requires hosting on our servers.


Easily Upload Images

images.png The built-in File Manager makes it easy to upload multiple images at once. Images can be renamed, deleted or even replaced.


Photo Galleries & Slideshows

Upload multiple photos at once and then display them in galleries or slideshows anywhere on your site.


video.png Embed videos from Youtube and other online video resources. Position them on the page exactly where you want them to appear.


Document  Management

Upload PDF files, word documents, excel workbooks or any other files and make them available for download on your site. You can upload multiple files simultaneously, organize your files into groupings and replace old files with updated versions.


maps.pngAdd Google Maps anywhere on your site just by entering an address or use Google’s map embed tool for total control.




Leveraging social media is key to the success of any modern website. PDS eCMS Pro includes a variety of features that allow you to take advantage of social networks and build relationships with your visitors.

Social Sharing Widgets

Enable your visitors to share your content with their social networks using interactive sharing links for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other services. Your PDS eCMS Pro site can be designed to include social sharing widgets on each page or only on specific types of pages such as blog entries or news posts.


Easy RSS Feeds

rss.png Millions of visitors use applications like Google Reader and Microsoft Outlook to subscribe to updates from their favorite sites. With just a few clicks you can create subscription feeds for your visitors that can also be syndicated across the web to help build interest in your site.


Per Page SEO

You can make your website 100% search engine friendly by specifying the page title and meta data for each page on your website. These tools give you complete control to target the keywords you want to rank for.

SEO-Friendly Links

link.pngA search engine friendly address is automatically generated for each page on your site using your page title text. Spaces and other unfriendly characters are automatically replaced with dashes to optimize your page addresses.


Unlimited Page Aliases

Create additional addresses for any page on your site for print promotions or to direct common misspellings to the correct page.

XML Sitemap (AKA Google Sitemap)

xml.pngPDS eCMS Pro automatically generates an XML sitemap (often referred to as a Google sitemap) for your site that will include all future pages you create. This sitemap is the most efficient way to let Google, Bing and other search engines know about your site.


Google Analytics

Integration with Google Analytics allows you to track the number of visitors your site receives, visitor locations, referral sources, visitor bounce rates and countless other metrics. Using this industry standard tool will help you measure the success of your SEO efforts and help you shape your content to receive the greatest possible response.



users.pngEach member of your organization can have their own account and be responsible for editing their own content with PDS eCMS Pro multi-user edition.

Flexible Content Editing Permissions

Each user account can be permitted to edit only specific pages, specific sections of your site or your entire site.

Groups Combine Similar Users

If your organization includes users who will have similar or identical responsibilities you can combine them into a group and easily adjust what all members of that group can and cannot edit.

Activate / Deactivate User Accounts with a Single Click

If you should ever need to disable a user account you can do so with a single click. User accounts can be temporarily deactivated and retained for the future or completely deleted from your site.

Create Engagement through Authorship

Taking personal ownership of your site helps build trust with your visitors.  Your PDS eCMS Pro site can be designed to display a by line on each page to identify the editor who authored it. Editor accounts on your site can be designed to include profile pages that display photos of your editors, biographical information and lists of the content that they have authored.

Integrated Private Messaging

Your PDS eCMS Pro site can be configured to allow your editors to send messages to one another within the website system. Each editor can have their own message inbox on your site that includes easy links to send messages to other site editors. PDS eCMS Pro private website messaging can also be configured to notify your site editors via conventional email when they have received a new message.
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